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Household Pest Control

PEST MANAGEMENT IN YOUR HOUSESome common types of Pests/ insects live with you in your house and one way or the other they survive on your foods. The most common visible Pests are Mosquitoes, Flies, Ants & Cockroaches. Besides these there are few harmful invisible Pests like Silverfish, Carpet Beetle, Bed Bugs, Woodworm etc. which are your invisible enemy. Among the visible Pests  Mosquito is a migrating one and is managed by most of us using repellent readily available in the local market in various forms. SENTRY 10WP is a New Generation Synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide Manufactured by Rallis India Ltd can control all types of disease causing vectors like Anopheles, Aedes & Culex.
 It also controls Cockroaches, Houseflies and other common crawling insects in Household. Flies are also migrating pest and a common carrier of serious infectious diseases, but you can avoid infections by keeping your foods and food materials in closed containers.
Actually in daily life Ants and Cockr…