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Household Pest Control


Some common types of Pests/ insects live with you in your house and one way or the other they survive on your foods. The most common visible Pests are Mosquitoes, Flies, Ants & Cockroaches. Besides these there are few harmful invisible Pests like Silverfish, Carpet Beetle, Bed Bugs, Woodworm etc. which are your invisible enemy. Among the visible Pests  Mosquito is a migrating one and is managed by most of us using repellent readily available in the local market in various forms. SENTRY 10WP is a New Generation Synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide Manufactured by Rallis India Ltd can control all types of disease causing vectors like Anopheles, Aedes & Culex.
SOLFAC 050 EW of Bayer is also very effective in controlling indoor flying insects like Cockroaches, Ants, Mosquito etc.. It is safe for residents if applied in recommended doses and process. This pesticide is  evaluated by WHOPES. It is almost odorless and it's  effect lasts for few weeks. A recommended pesticide for controlling Dengue mosquito. It also controls Houseflies and other common crawling insects in Household. Flies are also migrating pest and a common carrier of serious infectious diseases, but you can avoid infections by keeping your foods and food materials in closed containers.
Actually in daily life Ants and Cockroaches are most hazardous pests in kitchen and dinning room. Before searching for a measure to control these you have to remember that they remain alive and grow on your food. So firstly you have to be such cautious about handling and storing of foods or food materials that, they can not find access to those. To restrict the entries of Ants, food and food grains are to be stored in Airtight containers. Similarly for control of Cockroaches you have to ensure that no left out food or open food remains on the dinning table specially after dinner i.e. in the night. No food particle should be left on the Turn Table or Walls of the Micro Oven or Oven. Keep your kitchen and sink clean. You can use Boron Trihydroxide to control Ant and Cockroaches.
Another Pest which is not liked at your house is Lizard. The main food source of Lizards in your house are the insects trapped in the spider's webs. Lizards enter your house for food. So if you install an UV insect trap, Lizards will be controlled. You can also apply pepper spray prepared by mixing pepper with water, keep egg shells, Garlic etc. Bad odors are irritating and unbeatable for Lizards. But before removing or restricting the entries of the Lizards, please remember that Lizards consumes minimum 12 insects per day. So in absence of Lizards your home will be dumped with huge insect pests if they are not controlled. 

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