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Household Pest Control

PEST MANAGEMENT IN YOUR HOUSEHow to combat COVID 19 in your Dinning & KitchenSTAY HOME    AND    STAY SAFE✔  FREQUENTLY WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP & WATER✔  USE HAND SANITIZER CONTAINING MORE THAN 70% ISO PROPYL ALCOHOL WHILE YOU GO OUTSIDE DON'T FORGET TO WEAR MASK  & KEEP DISTANCINGBesides taking other precautionary measures please keep your Kitchen & Dinning free from Cockroaches. For this as I have mentioned below, you have to keep your Sink and Dinning Table clean after use specially in the night when the Cockroaches come out of their den or shelter in search of food. After cleaning the Dinning Table, sprinkling of some quantity of Boric Acid Powder,  Chemical formula: (H3BO3) on it will help in killing the Cockroaches moving on the surface. Most of the Pests will die at their shelter.Boric Acid Powder which is simply called Boric Powder is available in almost all Medical/ Chemist Shops at moderate prices and are sold without Prescription. Please try it. "WE …
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Rodent Control

Rodents are mammals of the order Rodent, characterized by a single pair of continuously growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws that must be kept short by gnawing. About 40% of mammal species are rodents, and they are found in vast numbers on all continents other than Antarctica. Common rodents include miceratssquirrelsporcupinesbeaversguinea pigs, and hamsters.
Rodent Control is a must in the following places:
1) Domestic Houses
2) Libraries
3) Restaurants & Hotels
4) Hospitals & Nursing Homes
5) Food Grain Godowns
Rodent Control has been found to be necessary for various reasons at various places of which few are detailed below:
1) A considerable quantity of food grains are destroyed throughout the globe by Rodents. So if the population of rodents are not controlled then preservation of food grains may become a next to impossible task.   2) Bubonic plague is a Zoonotic disease, circulating main…

Termite Control in Buildings


Q 1:  Is it for saving the Door & Window Frames only?
Ans 1:  Not at all.Sometimes you may see thin mud tunnels (See the images below) in walls, electrical wiring, in the corner of rooms etc. These are the path ways of Termite and be confirmed that your building has been infested with Termite.Generally we crush those and  sweep away the spoils without thinking about the source of this amount of soil. This raw material of building the tunnels are brought by the Termites nesting below you building. Their nest may be below the foundation or the floor or outside . But the mud for tunnels are carried by soldier termites from a nearest location within your building. However for surviving they will make tunnels for marching in search of food. And on locating you will sweep away the spoils without taking into account the quantity of soil. In this way in course of time a void will be created in the earth below your building. Now in the rece…