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Household Pest Control

PEST MANAGEMENT IN YOUR HOUSESome common types of Pests/ insects live with you in your house and one way or the other they survive on your foods. The most common visible Pests are Mosquitoes, Flies, Ants & Cockroaches. Besides these there are few harmful invisible Pests like Silverfish, Carpet Beetle, Bed Bugs, Woodworm etc. which are your invisible enemy. Among the visible Pests  Mosquito is a migrating one and is managed by most of us using repellent readily available in the local market in various forms. SENTRY 10WP is a New Generation Synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide Manufactured by Rallis India Ltd can control all types of disease causing vectors like Anopheles, Aedes & Culex.
SOLFAC 050 EW of Bayer is also very effective in controlling indoor flying insects like Cockroaches, Ants, Mosquito etc.. It is safe for residents if applied in recommended doses and process. This pesticide is  evaluated byWHOPES. It is almost odorless and it's  effect lasts for few weeks. A reco…